Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ian in Maddie's Wardrobe

Bad Storm

Had another bad storm last night. Apparently our neighbor's tree couldn't take it. Ended up in our yard.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend in Sedona ends by Rocking with Melissa Etheridge

Jess and I were able to spend a weekend up in beautiful Sedona for $20. Yep that's right $20. We were supposed to sit through and 1 1/2 hour timeshare presentation but they let us out after 30mins. They even gave us $100 to use at restaurants, gas stations, and shops.

We had a very relaxing time. Visited the resort's spa and had some jacuzzi and sauna time. We then headed to dinner at the resort hotel.
The next day we ate breakfast at the Red Planet Diner. We had eaten there before with Mike and Heidi and remembered they had good food. It is a fun place to eat because of the decor. The restaurant is all based on an alien theme so it's like you are eating on another planet. the ceiling is a giant spaceship. Luckily the food is made for earthlings and very good.

After checking out the some of the shops we decided to get new tattoos. We found a small shop owned by a very nice family. The man that did the tattoos is Native American and was a blast to work with. The tattoos are below and to answer everyone's first question - yes they hurt.

After a relaxing time we headed back to Phoenix on Monday. We had tickets to the Melissa Etheridge concert later that night. We had great seats (5th row) and she gave an awesome 3 hour show. Started on time and with no opening act, just all her. Lots of great songs and energy throughout. The whole concert was based on her telling the story of her life. It was a great blend of music and time just to hear her tell about her journey. We ended up right at the stage by the end of the show.

It was a nice relaxing get away that the Mommies were in need of! Thanks to Grammie, Grandma, and Auntie for allowing it all to be possible!


Milestones for the Kids

Well Tuesday was a big day in the Young house. First after school while the kids were with Grammie, Ian told Grammie he had to "Pee". Apparently he walked around saying that and then headed into the bathroom and to his potty. Grammie took his diaper off and he indeed went pee pee in his potty. He got much praise from his sister and Grammie. Madison even decided she wanted to dump the pee into the big toilet and flush it. She also wanted to make sure he got a prize which turned out to be a book Grammie had. We are not pushing the issue but he does like to go and sit on his potty from time to time. We'll see what happens from here.

Later that night Maddie lost her first tooth while at Jen's house. I received a call while I was at work to let me know. She was very excited that the tooth fairy would be coming that night. The tooth fairy brought her a dream pearl to go on her special bracelet. It's from a set that comes with a tooth fairy story about how the tooth turns into a pearl. She puts the bracelet and the tooth in a bag and in the morning the tooth has become a pearl and is hanging from the bracelet. She was very excited to show off her bracelet the next day!

So based on these big accomplishments we are expecting them to be landing jobs soon and contributing to the household!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Tough Couple of Weeks

Well these last two weeks have gone by fast but have been very busy and while exciting, hard on everyone. Jess has started a new job but is in the training phase. So this means she has been working two jobs. Long hours and hard on her. But Monday she will just be working at Parkway Medical Center. She is having a great time meeting new co-workers and learning a new job. Ian thinks it sucks because he is not seeing much of her (so do the rest of us).

Maddie had her tonsils taken out on August 5th. She did great. No tears and really was very brave just walked off with the nurse like it's something she does everyday. Made it much easier on all the Moms that's for sure. Her recovery went well. She did have to go to the ER because she spiked a fever. She was in a lot of pain that day and wasn't drinking enough. They were afraid she was getting dehydrated but gave her some meds and the popsicles started going down again. She was able to start 1st grade on time a week later. Here is her picture from the first day of school.

The same day school started, August 11th, we had to put one of our dogs, Destiny, down. She had been having lots of trouble with her bladder. Antibiotics hadn't solved the problem which meant extensive tests and probably surgery. That seemed like a lot for a 12 year old dog so with the vets agreement that it was probably a good idea we had her put to sleep. Jessie, our other dog, is doing ok. She is a little more nervous without her friend. But she never has liked to be home without us and now she really is by herself. She also seems scared to go outside by herself now. She will come around I am sure.

We will miss you Destiny

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A sad start to the week

On Monday afternoon we had to put Destiny Dog down. Her bladder was not working very well. We tried one round of antibiotics and it helped for a few days but then there was no further progress. It was a sad day and Destiny will be missed. We still have Jessie, the brindle colored dingo. (she isn't really a dingo but looks like one.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A quite Suday night...

We had a great family day today. We washed the cars and the kids had a blast. Then it was tubby time followed by dinner. Now both the kids are asleep and we got a little cleaning done and the baby was a big help with the vacuum. Tomorrow is the first day of school so the family needs to get some rest.


Winding down from a busy week

This week felt a little crazy. Maddie had her tonsil's taken out on Tuesday and I started my new job on Tuesday as well. I am still teaching as well so it was working 3 12 hours shifts and then finally getting so rest time. Maddie is doing well after her surgery, she starts the first grade tomorrow and is very excited. Ian got new shoes today. They are Vans and it is the first pair of tennis shoes that I have found that fit his fat little feet. He was very excited to put them on after we got and walk around in them. Every time we got into the car after that he wanted to take them off along with his socks. He has never had to wear socks before so I am sure they felt weird.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!