Monday, February 16, 2009

Ian's Test Results

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We got the results from Ian's echo cardiogram today. The doctor says he has back flow in the pulmonary valve. The good news is the valve is formed properly. The doctor said people with life long problems are typically people that don't have the valves formed properly.

The doctor is referring us to a pediatric cardiologist to make sure nothing was missed and to see if anything further needs to be done at this point.

So it will be a few weeks before we have that appointment so now we wait. The picture is not actually Ian's heart but it is very close to the one the nurse gave him to take home so thought I'd include it here.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ian recently had his 2 year old physical and the doctor detected a heart murmur and wanted him to get some testing done. So this last Friday we went to Phoenix Children's Hospital and had some extra tests done. When we first got there after checking in the radiologist called us back really fast and took us to one of the rooms. She wasn't the most friendly of people for working in the Children's Hospital, but anyway, she put a lot of sticky things all over his chest and stomach and then connected the cords and ran the EKG. Now meanwhile Ian is screaming his little head off and does not want to be there.  So she finished and says "Do you guys have the Rx for this that has the codes on it, we need that so it doesn't slow things down." Well we didn't have anything because we weren't given anything. So she calls up front and has us go up there to check and the front desk lady called the doctor's office and they said they would fax it over to PCH. So we were told that we could leave and go home. As we are leaving I was like "I don't think the did the right test. I thought it was supposed to be an echo cardiogram." Well I was right because about 10mins later the hospital called me and said can you guys come back we got the fax and he is supposed to have the echo. So we turn around and go back to the hospital.The second tech that we got was much better and this test was longer. He made it through that one and hopefully we will find out on Monday (tomorrow) the results.
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