Monday, July 6, 2009

Ian reads and Maddie gets into a new school program

The video is a little dark because it was nap time. This is Ian "reading" one of his favorite books.

While Ian is clearly on his way to brilliance, his sister apparently is already there. Maddie was tested two weeks ago for a new self contained highly gifted program in her district. She scored extremely well and will be in this new class next year. This will be a great class to push her at school. They already had to move her up for reading this last year but now she will be working on everything at a very high level. The best part is we won't have to pay for private school since this is in the public school!

Just wanted to give you all a kid update!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

ATA World Championships 2009

Jess and I spent a week in Little Rock, Arkansas last week for the American Taekwondo Associations annual World Championship event. This year was special because it was the 40th anniversary of the ATA. Jess helped work the event that had over 2,000 participants.

I had many activities that I participated in. Things started on Wednesday with a Physical Fitness Test that I had to pass in order to do my mid-term. The test consists of push-ups, sit ups, and bag work (kicking only, punching and kicking, punching only). Each round is one minute and there is a one minute rest. I passed and then since I am a Master had to help administer the test to the other 150 people.

Thursday started off with me doing a midterm test. I demonstrated my form, sparring, and board break. I have included the video Jess took of my board breaks. It took two tries but I am allowed three so it's ok. I'll get the results in about a month.

Following the testing the tournament of champions took place. I judged on Thursday but had a student get World Champion and another get a silver medal.

Laura getting 2nd

Friday it was my turn to go for World Champion in two events. I got World Champ in sparring and silver in Xtreme Form. Below are pictures of me receiving my gold medal.

Friday evening we went to the big opening ceremonies at Alltel Arena. I was part of a demo that had 99 Masters doing a form in unison. Jess said we looked very cool.

Saturday I had my regular competition. I competed in 5 different events. I received 1st place in Xtreme Forms and Creative Forms. 2nd Place in Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, and Sparring.

Sunday, was left for judging and saying goodbye. I know it seems like a is :) We were exhausted by the end. Jess has quite a bit to do dealing with trouble shooting and keeping things running smoothly. Saturday and Sunday were especially long for her. Judging is much easier on me.

All in all it was a great event. Always nice to make the trip and visit with people I have known for 20 years.
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